By Neil Ong Kwok Shun

What is the most troublesome desire?
Perhaps it is the yearning for attention;
thus so it be a necessity to acquire…
Merely so, begets envy and wrath in ascension.


“Everything begins from home”
so they say.
As I stare at my green beret,
was it truly worth to have treaded the pain?
You bastard, oh I do so curse you;
as you saw my efforts to be disdained.
My heart, thus so withdrew.

What does it take to fill this emptiness,
as my desire for perfection,
weighs to nothing more, than a contest?
I talk to God; yet the sky is empty,
thus adapting to my void entity.
Oh I do so agonise…

Our individual desires, ignored
as the world spins, we continue to curse the Lord.
What is perfection? What are desires?
As it continues to gnaw at our dispositions,
our yearn for an end grows ever more…

Perhaps, perfection was not what’s desired;
but the acknowledgement in which we seek…
Much like the Russian Roulette,
the desire to be ideal was all a dismay.

As I sit myself on the edge of my heart,
I begin to see my own narrow escape,
into the world I wish, I depart..
Let alone the never ending desires,
made all does so, retire…

Perfection Desired,
drove good men to madness,
as they never acquired…

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