By Eunice Foo

It takes a lot of energy to be negative. You have to work at it. But smiling is painless. I’d rather spend my energy smiling.– Eric Davis.


The meaning of a smile, varies in different forms.
A loud, gleeful one when one had one of too many drinks,
A triumphant grin when one had won the lottery,
Or a satisfactory one after finally to have done the laundry.

A smile can be mustered up as well,
To cover the strained cheerfulness,
When the person looked more like in tears.
It may also be a kind gesture,
To oneself and to others
Or with just the self-created belief;
‘A smile a day, keeps the youth at bay’.

A smile can also be an exercise for the flex of muscles,
At the side of the mouth,
After a long day of not saying much,
Only to be mistaken as a grimace,
Under a disguised expression of a tender touch.

However, a smile that could be so bright,
Under the night filled with starry lights,
Would be a smile that blooms involuntarily,
Speaking more than words themselves,
Silently, but at the same time expressly.

Therefore, my fellow friends,
Be in peace with your mind,
Forget all discontentedness of the present,
For in the future, the price of hard work will pay off,
Proven by a given certificate, and a throw of the square academic cap,
High above the sky,
Accompany along with a big, happy smile.

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